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The American Sahoula Hound
Sahoulas were developed in 1998 to be a working greyhound that is easily trainable. Sahoulas have a wide variety of coat colors, from solids to different shades and patterns of marble. They also have a smooth and rough coated variety. Their eye colors can range from dark to light browns, golds, to blue. Their eyes can be gypsy, double glassed, or have various amounts of chipping in the eye.
The Sahoula temperament is proud with great personality. Socializing is a must because they can have a tendency to be aloof and independent, they can be shy with strangers. Sahoulas are highly intelligent and will often try learning new things and will be curious about their environment. Sahoulas crave interactions and want to be a part of the family. Sahoulas need to have a fair amount of stimulation in order to stay energized. If they don't get the proper socialization they have a tendency to be over protective of family. Obedience training is always recommended with any breed.
Twyla Kennels has been documenting pedigrees for the American Sahoula Hounds and working to develop a standard for the breed. Our goal is to develop a registry for the American Sahoula Hounds.
Twyla's Mad "Max"
Twyla's Mad Max, Sahoula HoundTwyla's Mad Max, American Sahoula Hound
Max is a Phase 2 Sahoula, his color is a white marble with tan, gypsy eyed. Max is the offspring of the original hybrids for this breed. His eyes are CERF normal.
Twyla's Blue Cat "Sweet Pea" CGC
Twyla's Blue Cat Sweet Pea, Sahoula Hound Twyla's Blue Cat Sweet Pea, American Sahoula Hound
Sweet Pea is a Phase 1 Sahoula, her color is a black marble mantel with gypsy eyes. Sweet Pea is a hybrid that started the Sahoula breed. Sweet Pea's eyes are CERF normal.
Sweet Pea has accomplished many things in her 12yr career. She has been trained for herding, protection, and is now a certified Psychiatric Service Dog. She has also received her Canine Good Citizenship.
Twyla's "Kusa" Ku
Twyla's Kusa Ku, Sahoula HoundTwyla's Kusa Ku, American Sahoula HoundSire: Twyla's Mad Max (P2)
Dam: Twyla's Blue Cat Sweet Pea (P1)
Kusa is a Phase 3 Sahoula, color is cream with gold eyes. Kusa is our purest Sahoula. She is in training for service work.
Twyla's Little Bit of Blue
Little Bit is a Phase 1 Black Marble  She is Owned by Lynn Tuck.
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