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Twyla Kennels Grooming Services
The joy of working with dogs all my life has led me to my career as a Pet Stylist. I started learning how to groom and handle Afghan Hounds and various other breeds when I was a teenager. I learned that no matter what job I had, it was not good enough and I was always led back to working with dogs. So, I finally decided to earn my grooming certificate. I have since groomed for shops and have learned right and wrong ways of treating clients and their pets. I learned that some groomers should not be grooming and I did not want to be around negative people.  Being a Pet Stylist is a better fit for me, so I decided to venture on my own. I learned that coming from a show dog background that I love making dogs look fabulous, so to me I am not just a groomer. I believe that every dog deserves to look like a Champion, because they complete our lives like Champions.

I currently work 1 to 2 days a week at My Favorite Groomer in Watagua. I frequently groom and handle show dogs on the weekends, So any weekend appointments need to be scheduled upon availability.

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Full Service Grooms include:
Toe nail trim with dremel, basic ear cleaning, teeth brushing, bath, brush out, hair cut, sanitary area, and pads of feet cleaned.

We use aroma therapy with all grooms to give your pets a relaxed groom experience. Shampoos used are all hypo-allergenic, we have color enhancers, oatmeal, Natural flea shampoos, tea tree oil, and mela-tar medicated shampoo. All pets get a cream rinse to moisturize the skin.

All Grooms are by Appointment to give your pets more one-on-one time than at other facilities; specializing in puppies, rescues and senior pets.

Contact Christine at 817-229-7729 to set your appointment.

CH Tia's Cosmic Cowboy CD HS RN 

Twyla Kennels Grooming ServicesTwyla Kennels Grooming Services

Twyla Kennels Grooming Services 

Cowboy is a CH Briard. He is the first client that I groomed after earning my certificate. Cowboy is very timid and getting groomed is not his favorite thing, but he dose it to please his mama and daddy that he adores. Cowboy is an In Home groom so I go to him.


 Sonoma is Cowboy's new house mate. She is a 2yr old Briard a little shy but very sweet girl and Cowboy loves her.

Bella (Bichon)
Bella is my first client that comes to my location in Grandview. Bella is a 5 mth old puppy that I hope to groom through out all of her life. She has a very loving mother who is thrilled by her looks.
Twyla Kennels Grooming Services 
Twyla Kennels Grooming Services 

Annie (Shih Tzu)
 Annie adopted me in 2009 when I was in grooming school. I have an un-groomed photo and two groomed. The first where she has a bow is a custom groom I designed. It is called a #10 Afghani Saddle with a lion tail. She also has a short teddy bear face with a topknot.
The third photo, Annie is in a more natural looking Afghani Saddle, the hair on her back is blended instead of clipped with the #10 blade and teddy bear head.
Twyla Kennels Grooming ServicesTwyla Kennels Grooming Services
Twyla Kennels Grooming Services

Twyla's Captain Jasper Spalding


Jasper has been in a Continental Clip with rosettes and with out he also has a beard.
JJ is a Toy Poodle


Milo is a Maltese

Safari is a Toy Poodle, Safari is a home groom because of age and she has back issues and stresses easily in a shop environment.


Faira is a Standard Poodle in a Puppy show clip and also in a Continental Clip.



Flash is a Standard Poodle in a Puppy clip #30 Clean face and feet. Body is all scissor work.


Annie is in her Afghani saddle with a clean face on the left and the right photo you can see she has purple high lights in her skirt, ears and tail. The purple looks really good with her blue color.


Pudge is Schnauzer mix in a modified Dandies Dinmont clip.


Budda is a Pom who has # 10 AO Mom likes her naked and Buda likes it too.

Mr. Bo Jangles

Bo is a Maltese who get a layered trim Teddy-Bear head.


Sophia is a Maltese


Beaver is a Shih Tzu/Papillon mix


Duke is a Husky mix who is a home groom


Cloe is a Corgi/Jack Russel mix

Vinnie Paul

Vinnie is a Shih Tzu

Darwen is a Maltese


Susie is a Shih Tzu/Terrier mix


Holly is a Schnauzer


Gus is a Yorkie


Chelshea a schnauzer

AKC CH. ButtaFlyKiss Rocky Roam Bandit

I Have been grooming Rocky since he was 5mths old and have groomed him through his Championship and he and his Owner/Handler are working towards their AKC Grand Championship. Rocky is also an up and coming Agility Star. I also Groom his lovely sisters Choxie, Cara, Kandi (the 3 Agility Starlets) and Coco (Retired).

Gracie: Great Pyrenees Senior

Penelopy: Great Pyrenees

Angelica Shih Tzu

Koda Shih Tzu

Rocky left and Sassy Right

Ginger a Jack Russel mix before and after.

Chloe is a Westie before and after. 

Coco is a yorkie

Bently is a Yorkie

Macy is a Maltiepoo

Rascal is a pom

Leroy is a toy poodle

More pictures coming soon......
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